Update #2

Update #2

Added mods/powerups:   octoshot, tempest, bomb, penetration up, thorns.


shoots 8 projectiles in a circle around player, cooldown 20s


creates a tempest that sucks enemies in, cooldown 20s


  spawns a bomb that deals damage in a radius based on distance to the targets, cooldown 60s


  Damages enemies on collide health x 2 , cooldown 10s

New enemies:

 Ant colony, beehive, spider hole. These are "enemy spawners" you wanna take out first to avoid getting overrun.   

 Numerous graphical upgrades like shadows on the background sprites, redrawn sprites, and new postprocess effects.

 New animations for some enemies and other assets. Many balancing adjustments. New textures for the ground.+ additional changes and additions.


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Version 7 Sep 29, 2021

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